What is Elixir?

Rachel’s Raquette Lake Elixir

When you say the word Elixir in the Adirondacks, heads turn. Everyone knows you are talking about Bloody Mary mix. People envision pint glasses filled to the brim with Elixir, topped with glistening limes, olives and celery stalks.
Nothing beats a pitcher of Bloody Marys when you have guests at your camp or home.  But who wants to go to the store to pick up the 8+ ingredients you need to whip them up yourself?? Relax. We’ve got you covered. We’ll bring the fire, you bring the ice.

Here’s what you need to know about the special Elixir Bloody Mary Mix:

  • Original Adirondack Recipe
  • Full-bodied & Intensely Spicy!
  • Thick & Robust
  • Fresh Tasting with Wholesome Ingredients
  • Packaged in Glass Bottles with Resealable Metal Caps
  • 2- Year Shelf Life Unopened
  • 3- Week Shelf Life Opened (Refrigeration needed only after opening)

You’ve had the rest, now try the best! 

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